Under the category Managerial Positions, you get an overview of “to be filled under exclusive contract” leadership roles.

Under the Specialist Functions area, you will find a selection of vacancies at the expert level.

The possibility to submit your resume, unattached to a currently sought position, is offered under Open Application.

Under the category Careers at Heinrich & Coll. we are seeking talent who fit our own team both professionally and personally. 

Please also note that not all our vacancies can be published on the website. If you should find no suitable vacancy for yourself, please use the possibility of an Open Application. We will examine in detail whether one of our managed job descriptions may suit your profile.

A selection of vacancies

AS184201 / Hessen
DS174224 / Südliches Baden-Württemberg
EB184209 / Bayern
Interne Vakanz
IP174201 / Norddeutschland
PR184202 / Rhein-Main-Gebiet