Basic Principles


Heinrich & Coll. meticulously comb through relevant target markets with a detailed and dedicated approach. Therefore, we only work on an exclusive basis. Exclusivity also means no overlapping of a candidate in other search projects. Candidates who are presented as part of a mandate are truly exclusive to that one specific project.

Personal Approach

The first phone call with a candidate is one of the most crucial and critical success factors in any search project. This key task always conducted by an internal, well-educated Heinrich & Coll. researcher and not by a third-party service provider, as usually seen elsewhere in the industry. Our researcher is best able to convey the position’s appeal and to quickly adapt to each respective candidate, through his years of experience in communicating with candidates in leadership roles.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Heinrich & Coll. consultants strictly comply to a set of clearly defined criteria in the processing of personal data, for the protection of your privacy. We maintain absolute discretion towards client and candidate in all phases of the cooperation, even after project completion. We pass over personal data to the client only upon receiving consent from the candidate that he/she would like to be presented to the client. Personal data will only be used exclusively within the context of personnel requisitions activities. We also willingly inform all candidates (unsolicited applications included) up front regarding the storage of their personal data. Candidates may also request us to please submit their name to active discussions regarding open requisitions. After a decision on said positions, we will inform the candidate of any stored information. Candidates always have the possibility to revoke such information at any time. Candidates can also be deleted from the system at any time. Critical information such as health, religious beliefs, or political beliefs, are fundamentally not a part of our business model and will not be recorded by our company in any manner.


Our search activities are documented and made available to our clients through regular status reports. The Heinrich & Coll. Status Report contains key figures from the search. These include, for example, the number of targeted candidates, return on advertisements, the number of telephone and personal interviews conducted, as well as reasons for rejection. In addition, only regionally known companies receive relevant information such as the public’s level of awareness regarding the company, the company’s regional and national corporate image, and other valuable details.