Consumer Goods / Retail

Consumer goods and retail are facing major challenges. Data and technology are changing current business models. In addition to the challenge that more and more business is moving towards online retail and eCommerce, the volume of data and data security is introducing big changes in medium-size businesses. Future issues in the industry include primarily technological issues such as digitization, Big Data and the establishment of supply chains. Technological progress, sociodemographic shifts, and legal requirements will affect procurement and sales markets alike.

The establishment of a successful digital strategy is first priority for many CEOs in the immediate future. However, up until now, half of all medium-sized companies have built up little to no expertise in this partial area. These factors make management of medium-sized companies quite challenging, and this further leads to fierce competition for the best executives.

As a result of our quality-oriented strategy, a majority of our orders are received from long-standing clients in the following sectors:

  • Consumer Goods 
  • Retail
  • Fashion/Luxury

Recently Fulfilled Placements

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