Industrial Goods & Processes

To meet the growing challenges of mid-size industry in terms of globalization, digitization and transformation of values, it takes professional and farsighted managers as well as highly-committed, leading specialists.

Our customer base in the industry segment Industrial Goods & Processes comprises family businesses, small businesses as part of a larger network, or German subsidiaries of international companies. Quite often our clients are known worldwide as so-called „hidden champions“, technology leaders, and benchmarks in their international target markets. In times of great economic challenges there are no billion-dollar rescue packages to be had. You're on your own, and because of this, depending more than any one else on one thing: managers who achieve top results while following a clear vision.

Our actions and processes are tailored to the special responsibility that a mistake in choosing personnel, in contrast to a corporation, can set these industrial enterprises back years, or in the worst case even threaten their existence. The Heinrich & Coll. selection process is tailored to this responsibility and therefore makes us a reliable partner in the search for optimal managers within the SME sector.

As a result of our quality-oriented strategy, a majority of our orders are received from long-standing clients in the following sectors of industrial SMEs:

  • Automobile
  • Machinery & Plant Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Chemical & Process Industries
  • Capital Goods

Recently Fulfilled Placements

As an example, here you can see an excerpt of the positions which we have filled.