Executive Search

Executive Search

Through years of experience in placing management executives within family-owned businesses and other mid-size organizations, our clear industry-specific approach, and a detailed and systematic search utilizing great care as well as high quality standards, we are in position to land the best possible candidate in the market for your management needs. With a highly efficient team, each part knowledgeable in their respective business area, we are able to provide a clear competitive advantage in the fulfillment of any request.

The starting point within each project consists of an in-depth analysis of the job description and its requirements. A needs analysis of the position results in both a detailed written description of tasks and requirements as well as a multiple-approach search strategy. Indicative of our systematic and structured approach is a pre-search, fixed timetable (project plan), which already includes a date for the presentation of candidates.

Forming the core of our service is Heinrich & Coll.'s five-step selection process for manager acquisition within the SME sector. This systematic approach is proven to reduce the risk of a wrong fit, as prospective candidates are examined through five variously defined procedures in order to determine their suitability for the respective vacancy. As a result, we maximize our clients' likelihood to land executives who possess both the required technical skills and the right character to sustainably increase the company's success.

While large corporations are able to cope with a wrong choice in upper management, such a mistake may set a medium-sized company back years, or at worst, threaten their very existence. Our diligence and our processes in selecting the right personalities for management are therefore tailored to this responsibility, with family and medium-sized organizations particularly in mind. A focus on upper-tier mid-size companies, when coupled with clear industry specializations from each of our consultants, leads to a rapid understanding of both the cultural and professional environments of a company.

Following the selection process, we then present all eligible candidates through meaningful exposés, further guiding our clients through interviews and, of course, also during contract negotiations.

Overview of Project Flow

  • Needs analysis, creation of job duties and requirements 
  • Definition of search strategy / definition of target companies
  • Creation of project plan
  • Identification and phoning relevant candidates in target markets
  • Interested candidates are put through our five-step Heinrich & Coll. selection process
  • Presentation of A-list candidates, either at the client or at the premises of Heinrich & Coll.
  • Upon request, Heinrich & Coll. consultants will help draft contracts as well as mediate during contract negotiations
  • Quality control via follow-up discussions with both client and candidate