Interim Management

Interim Management

We are there for you when certain business situations arise, requiring the services of a manager or consultant for a temporary project. After a thorough analysis of the situation, we will implement the best possible management solution. To accomplish this, we offer qualified interim managers both for defined areas of responsibility and for a predetermined period of time.

Large corporations usually have a pool of potential managers to choose from, all of  whom can be employed to fill a vacancy at short notice. In medium-sized companies this pool can be quite shallow. In the last several years, we have witnessed increased placement of interim managers at mid-size industrial companies.

Heinrich & Coll. makes personnel resources readily available to the market. Because of this, we are the obvious solution when companies require immediate resources or special skills on a temporary basis. Through contact with thousands of freelance interim managers who have already mastered multiple business challenges successfully, we are fully equipped to fill a company’s special job requirements in a quick and goal-oriented manner.

Our Service Portfolio

  • External know-how in crisis situations, restructuring, reorganization
  • Quick support in the event of manager taking sick leave
  • Short-term [DS1] knowledge transfer (on-the-job training of managers)
  • Bridging of long employee notice period
  • Support of junior executive during training period
  • Implementation of new IT structure or Quality Management System
  • Consulting and implementation of M & A processes
  • Implementation of internationalization strategies

Of course, it occurs from time to time, that after an especially good experience from the interim’s assignment, a long-term placement develops. This is not, however, our intention.