Management Assessments

Management Assessments

Heinrich & Coll.’s Management Assessment helps assess available in-company potential at the first and second reporting level. Our management assessments help companies in identifying the skills of their executives. Through this analysis, existing personnel can be utilized optimally within the company.

Mainly as a result of the 2008/2009 financial crisis, our clients have realized that transparency of existing potential within the company represents a clear competitive advantage. Maneuvering in calm seas is relatively simple. As calmer seas turn rough, however, it becomes quickly apparent whether there is a "fair-weather Captain" at the helm or rather an experienced one, with the foreseight to recognize the gathering storm and thereby circumnavigate it in its early stages.

The diagnostic procedure consists of biography analysis and semi-structured personal interviews, and depending on the specific starting position, it is further supplemented with personality tests.

Our Service Portfolio

  • General analysis of potential in current management
  • Assessment of specific potential for taking on special challenges such as crisis management, restructuring issues or building a new business unit
  • Decision support for inclusion in a company-internal leadership pool
  • Assurance while filling top and key positions
  • Generation of knowledge transparency regarding existing potential and skills at the management level of the company.