Spezialisten Search

Specialist Search

In many cases, our clients are regionally significant employers who have garnered an excellent local reputation. Often, however, the recruitment of qualified experts from within one’s region is no longer sufficient. Our core competency of finding specialists, as in our executive search, revolves around identifying and approaching candidates within defined target markets.

For the specialist segment, in contrast to a majority of our business, we utilize social networking sites, job portals, and advertisements in a complementary fashion, so as to fully explore the candidate market. The heart of our search is a detailed identification, and personal approach, of specialists either at direct competitors or in industry/sector-related fields. Thus, we even reach candidates who are not necessarily actively seeking new opportunities.

With the help of a systematic, direct approach from Heinrich & Coll., our clients consequently open up yet another avenue into the increasingly competitive market for skilled professionals.

Training skilled professionals is often time- and cost-intensive.  Therefore, the retention of employees can be of particular importance to a company. Whether or not a specialist stays with a company often depends on cultural harmony between employee and company. Analogous to our executive search, Heinrich & Coll. also pays extra attention to cultural fit during specialist recruitment. We are not necessarily focused on building the most homogeneous team. Rather, specialist teams with just the right amount of diversity, in terms of age, sex and professional background, are often the better mix – particularly, because an influx of different approaches from different ages and sectors leads to more innovative solutions.

In the job market, having a recruiter as the calling card of a company, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, is an image factor that should not be underestimated. In handing over a recruitment assignment to Heinrich & Coll., our clients place their corporate image in good hands, not only through the search for managers but also in finding skilled workers. Our professional approach ensures an optimal public image.

Overview of Project Flow

  • Needs analysis, creation of job duties and requirements
  • Definition of search strategy
  • Identification and phoning relevant candidates in target markets
  • Interested candidates are put through our three-step selection process
  • Presentation of A-list candidates, either at the client or at the premises of Heinrich & Coll.
  • Upon request, Heinrich & Coll. consultants will help draft contracts as well as mediate during contract negotiations
  • Quality control via follow-up discussions with both client and candidate