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About us

Heinrich & Coll. GmbH is an owner-managed company. We see this financial autonomy, which makes us independent of outside capital and external influences on corporate decisions, as a key success factor for all of our clients.  For at Heinrich & Coll., the interests of investors and the logic of short-term profit orientation isn’t the focus, but rather a business model strictly oriented towards client benefit. We are exclusively committed to meeting the high expectations of our clients in the best possible way. This goes hand in hand with proven business principles, established client relationships and the long-term loyalty of our employees.

It is important for us to have an identity-forming value system that fosters a corporate culture geared towards sustainable success, high client satisfaction, appreciation of our employees and a sense of unity within the company.



Heinrich & Coll. meticulously penetrate the relevant target markets using a distinctive systematic approach and a high investment of time. Therefore, we work exclusively on an exclusive basis. Exclusivity also means no involvement of a candidate in several search projects. Candidates presented within the scope of mandates are always researched exclusively for a specific project.


Personal approach

The first telephone contact with a candidate is one of the decisive and success-critical factors in every search project. This central task is always carried out by an internal and well-trained Heinrich & Coll. Researcher and not, as is often the case in the industry, an external service provider. Due to their many years of experience in addressing executives, they are the best to convey the special appeal of the position and to quickly adapt to the respective candidate.


Data protection / discretion

Heinrich & Coll. Consultants are strictly committed to adhering to clearly defined criteria for the protection of privacy when processing personal data. We maintain absolute discretion towards client and candidate in all phases of the cooperation and after completion of the project. We only forward personal data to a client with the candidate's permission. We use personal data exclusively for activities arising within the scope of recruitment assignments. We inform unsolicited applicants about how we keep their data. We inform candidates who are being interviewed for specific positions whether their data will be stored after the process has been completed. You have the option to withdraw your consent at any time. Candidates can have their personal data deleted from the system at any time. As a matter of principle, we don’t store critical information - for example, regarding health, religious views, or political convictions.



Our search activities are documented and made available to our clients in a regular status report. The Heinrich & Coll. Status Report contains the key figures from the search. These include, for example, the number of candidates approached, the response to advertisements, the number of telephone interviews and personal meetings as well as the reasons for rejection. In addition, only regionally known companies receive interesting information regarding the level of awareness of their company, their regional and national company image as well as other valuable details.


Social commitment

Heinrich & Coll. does not regard itself as a pure personnel consultancy with exclusively economic interests. As a part of our society, we take responsibility in the areas of education and upbringing, which are important to us as a personnel consultancy company. Even though we can certainly only make a small contribution, sustainable management and the creation of values have been natural components of our corporate philosophy from the very beginning. Therefore, we support the FIT FOR WORK project of the Anton Schrobenhauser Foundation KIDS TO LIFE in Unterhaching near Munich as a sponsor.

Within the framework of this project, young people who are disadvantaged by life receive concrete assistance in obtaining a qualified school leaving certificate, as well as support in entering professional life. After all, entrepreneurial success is made by and for people. In order to be successful in the long term, a society that’s worth living in and intact is required.

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