Sectoral focus

One key reason for sectoral focus is simply this: the concentration on core sectors enables specialised sector know-how and networks to be established. Successful consulting can only be delivered if the consultant is familiar with the sector for which they are responsible. Our clients benefit from this, as it means we are able to swiftly offer high-quality solutions.


Mastering the growing challenges of industry with regard to globalisation, digitalisation and changing values calls for professional and far-sighted managers as well as highly dedicated top specialists. This applies in particular for medium-sized firms and family-run companies with a long tradition.

The consultants of the Industrial practice boast an excellent network within the field of industry and work closely within the team.

Our Industrial practice searches for and assesses management personnel as well as high-ranking experts in the following segments in particular:

  • Automobile and Transport
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Chemicals and Process Industry
  • Aerospace and Rail
  • Construction Industry
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Life Science

Demand for healthcare services is increasing worldwide. To remain competitive in the face of global trends, the German healthcare sector needs managers with outstanding expertise as well as highly specialised experts who can hold their own in a competitive market and measure up to the demands of international competition.

The requirements of managers and specialists in the field of Life Science are extremely complex.

The regulatory environment is changing constantly, and new technologies and sectors are emerging. These challenges need to be faced by both medium-sized, owner-managed companies and globally operating healthcare groups alike.

Our clients are drawn from practically all areas of life sciences, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry & Biotechnology
  • Medical Technology & Medical Products
  • Consumer Healthcare
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The security and defence sector is facing a new era. This strongly growing segment needs to adapt to the conditions of the modern employment world whilst also fulfilling the underlying requirements of critical high security. This calls for managers who can accommodate this transition with know-how and intuition. Our consultants have the necessary sectoral and structural knowledge. They have an excellently nurtured network and can assess what a candidate needs to offer with regard to content, personal and legal prerequisites in order to bring future success to our clients in the defence sector.

Information Technology

In our IT business field, we also aim our business concept exclusively at medium-sized companies. Many candidates are drawn to large, internationally known firms. Medium-sized enterprises often have a hard time keeping up in this race to attract qualified and experienced IT staff.

An IT professional reading the name of a hidden champion in an advertisement may not instantly think of attractive IT tasks and an exciting IT system environment. This is where our systematic concept of actively approaching candidates comes in. 

We specifically draw the attention of the potential candidates we approach to our clients and help medium-sized IT companies find the necessary individuals at senior expert and management level both effectively and efficiently.

Our Information Technology business unit has the necessary competencies and experience required in the areas:

  • Software, Systems and Services
  • Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital
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The consumer goods industry and trade are facing major challenges. Data and technology are changing the current business model. Consumers are using new and modern paths of information and communication and at the same time can turn to an ever-larger selection of sales channels. This is dramatically altering purchasing behaviour.

It is not only the familiar big names in the sector that are faced with this problem, but also the majority of medium-sized firms that we support with our consulting services.

Our know-how in the Consumer practice covers, in particular:

  • Consumer Goods/Durables
  • Trade (Wholesale and Retail)