We find your successor.

Tact and intuition for the best personnel

Against the background of the future strategic direction of your company, we’ll find the best non-family management personality suitable for your needs.

Benchmarking internal family candidates with executives available on the external market also creates a certainty as to whether the "family candidate" has what it takes to meet the company's requirements.

It is undisputed that family businesses occupy a central position in the German economy. They are the key to the German economy. In recent years, new jobs have been created predominantly in family businesses. However, the power of family businesses with millions of jobs will only be maintained if suitable successors can be found to take over entrepreneurial responsibility. Demographic change isn’t stopping at the backbone of the German economy: the predominantly family run medium-sized companies in Germany are facing a major upheaval. Over the next ten years, more than 50% of SMEs will be facing finding a successor.

Even the offspring within the family, if they exist at all, are increasingly deciding against a career in their father's or mother's business. The tendency for sons, daughters, or other relatives to take over the succession is steadily declining. Family-external solutions will continue to increase, as more and more potential successors have other interests and do not want to take over the company. In addition, the demands of entrepreneurs and their advisory boards are increasing. In increasingly complex and global structures, it’s no longer enough for a candidate to be "just within family". He or she must also have the necessary qualifications to increase the company's success in the long term.

More than 75% of our clients are family businesses, which we have supported in their search for personnel over many years. The process of handing over the management to the next generation or to an external company leader is of a great importance. The future fate of the company, the inheritance, the existence of the family and the preservation of jobs in the region depend on this selection decision.