We accurately locate
specialists for you.

Core competence of “finding professionals”

We find the experts everywhere and speak their language.

Our clients are often regionally significant employers who have built up an excellent local reputation. Often, however, regional resources are no longer sufficient to recruit qualified experts. Our core competence in the search for specialists is, just as in executive search, the identification and approach of candidates in defined target markets.

We identify experts for you. Effectively and quickly.

With our use of sophisticated methods, we can reach candidates who did not even know they would like to work for you.

In contrast to the majority of our industry, we only use social networks, job portals and advertisements in the specialist segment as a supplement to fully exploit the candidate market. The core of the search is an elaborate identification and personal approach to specialists among direct competitors or in industry-related fields. In this way, we can also reach candidates who haven’t actively positioned themselves for a new challenge.

With the help of Heinrich & Coll.'s systematic direct approach, our clients thus gain further access to the increasingly competitive candidate market for specialists.



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